Each of the paintings that appears in this section have a Christian message in them. An effort has been made to make sure that the message does not detract from the nature of the painting. The message will always be a positive one and will link with the subject matter of the painting. It will be taken directly from the Bible. The message is given with the details of each individual painting as it will not be immediately evident when you are looking at the image. The aim is to get the message to be visible in a subtle way, not like waving a placard! Simply click on any painting and you will see a larger version with details

Note. ¬†The prices on these paintings are not necessarily fixed.If you see a painting that you particularly like but can’t afford it, maybe we can discuss terms that would make it more affordable or negotiate in some way. The important thing for me is that each painting ends up with someone who will really appreciate it rather than have it in storage. Contact me on this website and a message will appear in my email. You will find me reasonable.

Also, you could commission me to do you a painting of a scene that is special to you if there isn’t one here that you are happy with. Simply click on the heading Contact, at the top of the home page on this website,write your message and contact details, and it will be sent to my email. We can then start up a dialogue.