Art in the street. Mairangi Bay

I love painting live for people to watch. It’s great being able to exchange ideas, chat about art or something else, answer questions and let them see me in action dealing with such subjects as water, movement, reflections and capturing light and perspective. You get lots of feedback and it’s¬†generally positive.








In 2011 my art was chosen by chaplains working at Waikato Hospital to embellish their quiet room. Because of extensive renovations to the hospital, they did not have access to their chapel. They were allocated a bare room and needed to embellish it. I donated prints of my paintings, not realising what the outcome would be. Look at the results! I also sent them poems I had written to accompany the paintings and these were put on the inside of the room on the walls. I met up with them some months later when Karen had some university business at Waikato University and felt that my art had really helped them in their predicament. They even put a plaque to go with the paintings which was really unexpected. Just click on the pictures and they come up large.














Kumeu art in the garden.

This has been an annual event for the last three years and it is where selected artists are invited to exhibit and participate in an entertainment trail for garden lovers in the top gardens in the Kumeu district. Below are some photos that my wife Karen took.